Translation and Proofreading Services

I translate from French and Spanish into English.


I proofread and edit English monolingual texts that have already been translated into English from other languages.


I specialise in the following areas: tourism and travel, audio guides and mobile apps, art, history and heritage, literary fiction and non-fiction, business texts in most non-technical fields and academic texts.


I provide translation and proofreading services for individual clients, publishers, private companies, academics, public authorities, tourist offices, museums, translation agencies, language consultancies, humanitarian organisations and for my own enjoyment.



If you have a text that needs translating or proofreading – whether it’s long or short – please contact me by phone on +44 (0) 7981 366119 or via the form on the contact page: Contact.


I will be happy to discuss your needs with you and provide you with a quote.


If the content of your text that needs translating or proofreading does not appear in the categories I have listed above, please contact me as I may still be able to help.


If I feel I don’t have the necessary skills for your project, I will do my best to find you another translator who does.


Please note that I can only provide a firm quote once I have seen your text.


I provide an invoice for each piece of work I do.


Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of the kind of text types I translate:


Literary non-fiction

Literary fiction




Press releases

Press kits

Exhibition / museum panels





Audio guides

Mobile apps

Tablet apps

Calls for tender

Magazine articles