About me

Hello, and welcome to the website of British English translator, Andrea Reece.


I have been a professional translator since 2010, when I set up my freelance translation and proofreading business under the French ‘autoentrepreneur’ system. Since 2016, I have been based in the UK.


I’ve been passionate about languages and cultures all my life. Ever since I uttered my first word in English and read and re-read a book that was one of my earliest favourites (Around the World with Ant and Bee by Angela Banner). And more especially since I started learning French at school at the age of 9, and was taken on my first school trip to France.



Over the years, I’ve been awarded a number of academic and professional language-related qualifications and credentials.


MA Literary Translation. Distinction. University of Exeter (2013).

LCCI Certificate, Teaching English for Business purposes. Distinction (Bilbao, 2000)

RSA Celta. Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Merit. (Brighton, 1999)

MA (Scotland) French and Hispanic Studies. Iii (Hons) University of Aberdeen (1989)



Member of the Society of Authors Translators Association, UK

Member of ATLAS (Association pour la promotion de la Traduction Littéraire), France

Member of the UK and US Emerging Literary Translators’ Networks.

ProZ translators’ Certified Pro.


Before becoming a teacher, language trainer and translator, I worked in the aviation, transport and tourism sectors.


I have also set up and run a holiday rental business in the French Pyrenees. www.gite-pyrenees-pau.com


I am a keen believer in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and regularly attend relevant conferences, talks, training courses, workshops, webinars and MOOCs in order to update and refresh my skills.